Evolution+ is a software complex for controlling game mechanics to behavior management. Flexibility of the Platform and integration tools allow to apply this technology in various activities.

Social Ranking


Society is experiencing an acute deficit of trust.


With Evolution+ Platform personal rating is calculated, based on activity history. Quantity of rating points is determined by various factors such as socially useful activities, professional achievements, education, violations and crimes, feedback etc. User's Social Ranking and his/her level of privilege is determined by this data.

Social ranking performs the following tasks:

  • Increase in level of trust in society
  • Motivation for positive achievements
  • Involvement in public activity

In order to avoid manipulation, storage of rating points is performed by using decentralized blockchain technology.

Platform's AI automatically allocates social groups and generates predictions of their behaviour.

HR Gamification


87% of employees in the world are insufficiently involved in their work.


The daily activity of the staff is complemented by motivating game elements. It increases motivation and helps to enter a state of flow. Concentration on practical achievements, team play and competitive effect increase results by an average of 30%.

Gamification in HR performs the following tasks:

  • Increase of workforce productivity
  • Team building
  • Reduction of employee turnover

Artificial Intelligence generates predictions of the behaviour of employees and identifies their potential to perform certain tasks.

Evolution+ Platform integrates with IT environments: CRM, ERP, project management systems, corporate messengers, enterprise portals etc. Employees activity data is recorded automatically or by using the import tools.

Marketing Gamification


Buyers become pickier and lose their loyalty to brands.


Using game mechanics in marketing can enhance brand appeal. With Evolution+ Platform a community of buyers is formed, each member of which has a personal status and virtual property. Users receive awards for different activities, such as shopping, participation in promotions, attracting new buyers, leaving feedback etc.

Gamification in marketing performs the following tasks:

  • Increase in sales
  • Formation of a community brand
  • Increase of customer loyalty
  • Attracting new customers

Integration with Ethereum blockchain allows to reward customers with cryptotokens and decentralized virtual property.

Platform's AI generates a psychological portrait of buyers based on the history of activity, predicts behaviour and identifies target groups for sales promotions.

Gamification in Education


Existing teaching methods are inefficient for new generation.


Gamification in education is an innovative educational technology that implements the process of learning in a game format. This technology allows to create a familiar online environment. The educational process is complemented with the game mechanics and elements of online social interaction.

This allows to excite interest, clearly state the purpose, chunk big goals down into achievable steps, and warm up motivation by awarding for right actions. Anticipation of the award increases dopamine allocation, which leads to more efficient absorbing of information.

Gamification of Web Services and Applications


A full implementation of gamification is expensive and labor-intensive process.


Evolution+ provides developers a set of tools for fast and profitable implementation of game mechanics for a projects:

  • Control panel for managing game mechanics
  • API, SDK, Webhooks
  • System of customizable widgets
  • Plugins