About the Platform

Evolution+ is a Gamification Platform integrated with Blockchain Technology and Neural Network. The Platform allows anyone to easily implement game mechanics in any website or web service to improve user engagement and business process efficiency.

The Platform is a tool for organizations aimed at positive interaction with the modern generation of gamers, and gaining a competitive advantage from practical use of Artificial Intelligence and Cryptoeconomics.

With the help of the blockchain participants are guaranteed the right of ownership of the awards. Integration with the Ethereum blockchain allows to increase user activity with cryptotokens and decentralized virtual property.

Artificial Intelligence analyzes the history of user activity. Based on accumulated information AI predicts the behaviour and automatically selects target groups of users.

Game Mechanics

Evolution+ has a set of mechanics distinctive for computer games. The participants involved in the process get social status, rating points, token rewards and currency, based on their real activity.

The Platform control functions allow to adjust rules based on which participants will be awarded. This allows to implement game mechanics into various activities.

Virtual Economy
  • In-Game Currency

    Virtual money on which the game economy is based. Smart-contracts ERC-20 are supported.

  • Virtual Property

    In-game items. Smart-contracts ERC-721 are supported.

  • Marketplace

    Online store of virtual property.

Game Scenarios
  • Missions

    Tasks that a participant may complete in order to gain a reward.

  • Mini Games

    Simple online-game modules.

  • Rules

    A system of parameters by which participants are encouraged or punished.

Symbolic Awards
  • XP + Levels

    Game status of the participant and basic quantitative assessment of progress.

  • Characteristics

    Quantitative assessment of progress on various personal indicators.

  • Achievements

    Collections of locked rewards that the player unlocks during activity.

  • Badges

    Symbolic awards and penalty.

Social Interaction
  • Ratings

    Comparison of results of participants on various indicators and awarding of leaders.

  • Contests

    Functionality for online voting using game mechanics.

  • Competitions

    Struggle for leadership between participants.

  • Teams

    Competing communities of participants.

  • Raids

    Temporary groups aimed at the rapid achievement of target goal.

The game mechanics of Evolution+ allow to take into account the interests of all of the personality types according to the Bartle Test.

Personality type Key interests Control algorithms
KIller Dominance and rivalry Status, leadership, competition.
Explorer Investigation and manipulation Game scenarios, game balance, hidden content.
Socializer Communication and Positive Social interaction, social rewards.
Achiever Possession and accumulation Virtual property, collecting.


The use of blockchain technology in gamification guarantees ownership of awards and virtual property, and allows to include elements of cryptoeconomy to in-game mechanics.

Using the blockchain achieves the following objectives:

  • Decentralized storage of awards
  • Awarding with cryptotokens
  • Decentralization of virtual property
  • Implementation of game mechanics based on smart-contracts

Evolution+ Platform is integrated with Ethereum blockchain and includes established functions for automatic awarding users with cryptotokens for useful activities, such as attracting new members, acquiring certain goods or services, performing tasks etc.

The Platform supports smart-contracts of ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards. The functionality of game balance adjustment allows taking into account the economic interests of all parties.

Artificial Intelligence

Platform's Artificial Intelligence is based on the principle of stereotyped patterns of behaviour.

Neural network detects behaviour patterns and characteristics of participants using different trigger actions and history of participant's activity.

Artificial intelligence calculates the likelihood of participants making certain actions in the future, and automatically highlights the target groups.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence the following tasks are achieved:

  • Prediction of Behaviour
  • Selection of target groups for targeted campaigns
  • Formation of a psychological portrait of individual participants and the audience in general

Integration Tools

To automatically log actions, and interact with users, the Platform integrates with various IT environments. Evolution+ provides developers a set of tools and services for fast and profitable implementation of gaming mechanics to their projects.

  • Widgets
  • API
  • SDK
  • Webhooks
  • Plugins